Littlehampton council - Excel Course April 2018Aspire Sussex & Littlehampton Council – April 2018

Bespoke Internal Course – Develop Excel Skills – Users will be able to create spreadsheets from scratch.


Week 1 – 11th April Excel Beginners learning objectives

  • A basic overview of Excel; creating a spreadsheet, formatting options, saving
  • Creating borders
  • Wrapping text
  • Merging cells
  • Copying, Pasting, cutting and sorting
  • Creating multiple worksheets
  • Autosum

Week 2 & 3 – 18th  & 25th April – Intermediate learning objectives

  • Creating graphs and charts
  • Use data filtering
  • Freeze panes
  • Format the print out
  • Calculating sums, averages, and totals
  • Counting cells
  • Comments – add inserting, editing and deleting


Age UK West Sussex Logo RGB copyAge UK Haywards Heath – Example of Computer Course Topics

Each session had a focus from the list below along with a recap of skills learnt in previous sessions. All students received a handout of tasks to be completed which they can keep and refer to.

  • Basic laptop skills, open and closing applications, shutdown and sleep
  • Using a mouse – left click, left double click, right click
  • Using the keyboard, shortcuts, SHIFT, CTRL
  • Microsoft word – formatting text, inserting images, saving documents
  • Using email, sending email, attachments, downloading images
  • Using the internet, search engines, saving a bookmark/favourite, downloading information
  • Folder and file management, move, copy, delete files
  • Using a USB memory stick

Lesson Resources 🗂

CTRL shortcuts
💻 – ctrl-short-cuts of keyboard short cuts using the CTRL button. Hold the CTRL button down and tab the letter once.

Function Keys
Ever wondered what the function-key-uses on the keyboard do? Read the attached file to find out more…

Each lesson students are given a handout to help guide through the lesson tasks and to support students if they are replicating the task at home. Below are some examples from the Spring Term:

Using Microsoft Word, formatting text and images. Finding images on the internet and downloading the image. l1-refresher-word-skills-chinese-new-year

Tasks are repeated to ensure they are embedded hence why if you look at these handouts you see repetition! Week 2 was also about using a memory stick l2-download-images-using-a-memory-stick

I also use the tasks to enable students to learn about different topics some are culture some are to do with the digital world with live in. Week 3 was learning about cloud computing and the different versions! l3-download-images-from-an-email

Autumn course dates 2017

6th September – 8th November

Summer course dates 2017

26th April – 5th July (one week break)

Spring course dates 2017

11th January- 8th February (one week break)
22nd February- 22nd March

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