Felicity Jones Consultancy provides you with bespoke training materials specific to the tasks you need to complete. Training and support packages are available to suit all needs. In the meantime here are some shortcuts…

CTRL shortcuts

Shortcuts for Windows PC
There are some shortcuts that will work across multiple applications

CTRL & …

Do you use shortcuts to help speed up a process? CTRL and A is a favourite as it highlights everything in a document!
Here are a few examples using the CTRL key. Sign up to get full list!

Social Media -Task Manager shortcut
Task Manager

Task Manager

If your computer is misbehaving… try CTRL ALT DEL this brings up the Task Manager on your computer. This allows you to start and stop applications / processes and monitor your laptops performance. You can also view what applications start when you log on and whether you really want them too!

For each Microsoft Office applications there are some specific shortcuts to each application to help make life easier. Below are some examples of both shortcuts and general hints or tips.

PowerPoint hints and tips to help you use the application more effectively