Good day for a birthday

Spare a thought for your child when you’re planning a new baby!

Firstly it’s not my fault my birthday is when it is.

Right first things first, as far as I’m aware I am not so powerful as to be able to decide on what day I would be born because believe me I would not have chosen the date I was born on! Now if you’re like me and your birthday is not at the “best” time of year (I’m open to suggestions but I think I’ve narrowed it down as to the week before Christmas and the first two weeks of January.) you will know what I am talking about. Even the best of friends seem to become incredible unreliable.

I can honestly say that I have never celebrated any of my birthday’s in style not my 18th, 21st, 30th or 40th as there has been too many instances on other birthdays to make me doubt anyone would actually turn up! Although to be fair I had only recently moved when it was my 40th so there wouldn’t have been much chance of that being a success anyway.

Now before you decide I have no friends etc, I’ll let you know when I organise events later in the year be it BBQ or a night out these are all successful with most if not all people being able to make it.

Secondly please spare a thought for the birthday girl / boy when you decide to cancel coming to something on their actual birthday. Check before cancelling who else is still going or that food etc has already been prepared!

So the point of the post if you think you not going to go say you can’t make it rather than that you will come and then cancel at the last minute. I happy for people to tell me they can’t make that date (before the date in question) but would love to meet up for coffee or a glass of bubbly another day. Believe me I’m happy for my birthday to last all week, month if it means it will be acknowledged and celebrated, after all I’m still a party girl at heart.

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