Internet safety – are your children safe?

The honest answer is probably not, as with any unsupervised activity there is always going to be a risk of harm to the individuals involved. As I’ve said before you wouldn’t send your 12 year old to a O2 concert on their own would you? Yet we let our children on the internet often without supervision or parental control.

The internet is as bad or as good as the world outside your window, it is the advice and instruction we give our children that will keep them safe. What would you talk to you child about before they go to an activity camp or stay over at a friends? The usual stuff about being polite to the adults, listening to what they told to do and do it, be nice to their friends, make they get some sleep (unlikely) etc. But what do you say to them about using the internet?

We are well aware of social media and how it can be used in a negative manner but have we taught our children lessons about the consequences so should we be surprised that this happens. When I read through some of the responses on my local “gossip” page I wonder if some of the things that are written on there would be said to the individual concerned if they were face to face.  I suspect not. There is a bravado the seems to surround people when they know they will not directly have to say the words in person, yet the consequences of what they say can be as hurtful as they were there in person.

The internet is something all children will use and this will continue to increase and as such it is vital we teach them the right from wrong and the consequences of their actions just as we would do in the “real” world.

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