I just want to send an Email!

So the focus for this lesson was just about sending emails…

No that’s unfair it wasn’t JUST about sending emails but also about why email providers do not seem to follow a sensible format! Even the process of starting a new email is not straight forward in Gmail and BT Internet it is Compose, Outlook its New and others it is different again.

Not only that but it can differ dependent on whether you are using the Windows 8 or 10 interface or through an internet browser page. I mean who decided that it would be a good idea to remove some of the options you use in the app version rather than the webpage. For examploutlook-app-new-emaile the icon on my email app on my laptop for a new email is not words at all but the symbol +

Why do “they” think we will not want to create a folder when using the app version?

Needless to say my Silver Surfers were not amused! However they were mollified when I should them formatting in an email and much to my surprise a number of them liked adding emoji’s! I wonder what their family will make of it! emoji-wink-face

Success was identified as having sent an email to others in the room with an image attached and some formatting in the email. Success was achieved by all!

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