New Year, New Skills

On January 11th Age UK Haywards Heath Computer Courses started, it was lovely to see some familiar faces either from my course before Christmas or a few years ago!

We talked about what topics they wanted to cover and why it worked when they were with me but not at home (even with the handout!) Many had little patience with themselves and were worried they would do something wrong. To  this I say the more mistakes you make the more you learn!

Personally I suspect it’s about how much the laptop is used in between lessons, as like any new activity the more you do it the easier it is! I’m not so sure age has any relevance as having taught ICT in school I can definitely report that a lot of the students 11-14 who I only saw once a week didn’t seem to remember much from week to week – including their password!

Topics we decided on for this term include…

  • Basic laptop skills, open and closing applications, shutdown and sleep
  • Using a mouse – left click, left double click, right click
  • Using the keyboard, shortcuts, SHIFT, CTRL
  • Microsoft word – formatting text, inserting images, saving documents
  • Using email, sending email, attachments, downloading images
  • Using the internet, search engines, saving a bookmark/favourite, downloading information
  • Folder and file management, move, copy, delete files
  • Using a USB memory stick

I’ll let you know how next week goes!

If you would like to know more complete the contact form

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