Do you teach your child Life Skills?

Do you teach your child Life Skills and when?

Today in a fiercely competitive environment more and more pressure is being placed on students to surpass their target grades when it come to passing exams. Often, but not always this is at the detriment of the as important life skills “common sense”, not to mention those not naturally academic!

Skills such as time management, organisation, managing money and prioritising work, all invaluable and highly sort after in the “real world”. These skills enable students to make the most of university where there is no parent nagging to make sure work is completed! For some there may be the bank of mum and dad but at some point that will need to stop too!

Whilst I am not suggesting life skills be at the forfeit of academic qualifications it is perhaps relevant to invest time in developing a child’s ability to think for themselves and manage their workload accordingly. It is difficult to stand by when so much is at stake so perhaps the earlier the better. What age? Well that depends on the individual child, but secondary school age is definitely suitable for some activities…you might be pleasantly surprised! Just remember they won’t do it to your standard after all it’s taken you sometime to get to where you are now!

What age would you / have you let your child budget a meal and buy the food (perhaps even cooking it too!).

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